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Sliders on yellow pea

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Sliders on yellow pea

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Ideal for a small mingle buffet with finger food. Tasty with a little crunch from the pea and heat from the chili. Also try it with a good glaze. Really goes home with the kids with their favorite accessories.
Category Steaks, burgers or balls
Portions 100

Nutrition and climate performance

Portion size: 100g


Finished quantity

  • 10,0 kg Sliders on yellow pea


  • 2,3 kg Dry Simsubas
  • 2,3 kg Yellow peas
  • 2,7 kg water
  • 0,9 kg Potato flour
  • 2,3 kg Yellow onion chopped or diced
  • 0,9 kg Rapeseed oil
  • 135 gram Salt
  • 135 grams Onion powder
  • 45 grams Garlic powder
  • 70 gram Chili flakes
  • 90 grams Sugar
  • 45 gram Liquid smoke
  • 135 gram Tomato paste
  • 90 grams White wine vinegar



  • Mixing can be done in a Varimixer/Björn, in a cooking pot or by hand. When mixing in a cooking pot, do not forget to remove the side wing. We recommend a maximum of 20 kg of dry Simsubas per batch when mixing in a cooking pot.
    NOTE! When mixing with inferior stirring (saucepan or pre-mixing) make sure that the water, oil and all "wet ingredients" are mixed together a little before starting the stirring for best results.


  • Soak yellow peas overnight in an excess of water
  • Drain the water from the yellow peas.
  • Brown the onion with the oil and sugar.
  • Mix in the tomato paste, liquid smoke and vinegar. Leave to cool
  • Run the yellow peas in a food processor until they are blended.
  • Mix the dry ingredients
  • Add the other ingredients
  • Form burgers and fry or deep-fry