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Here you can see how easy it is to make your own minced meat from Dry Simsubas for less than 30 sek/kg to use for 50/50 dishes (climate-smart hybrids) or really good vegetarian dishes.
Category Farce, Kitchen favorites
Portions 100

Nutrition and climate performance

Protein: 20g


Finished quantity Simsufärs

  • 8,0 kg Heifer

Ingredients, Simsufärs

  • 2,3 kg Dry Simsubas
  • 5,6 kg water
  • 9 gram Collorite
  • 62 gram Salt


Instruction, mixing:

  • Mixing is preferably done in a cooking pot.
  • Mix Dry Simsubas, water, salt and collorite
  • Start the stirrer and mix until homogeneous. Then turn off and let the mince rest for about 5 minutes for the texture to stabilize and become a mince-like mass.

Instructions, Simsufärs - Cooking in the oven:

  • Cooking in the oven is done to allow the texture to set.
  • Distribute about 4 kg of mince per tray
  • Cook in the oven on the steam program to 85 degrees internal temp, about 40 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven and beat the mixture slightly with a balloon whisk before it cools. The result should be a grainy mixture.


  • Then just mix it directly into the meat sauce, meatloaf or steak instead of regular mince.
  • It is also possible to cook the mince in a saucepan. In this case, add about 20% more water and bring to the boil without stirring or with very gentle stirring so as not to break the texture